Frontline Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness (Uni)

Frontline Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness (Uni)

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Frontline Combat Economy Series Full Body Harness (Uni)

Frontline's Elite Series Shock Absorbing Lanyards are our premium product line and provide the most innovative features for an even better performance, durability and reliability for workers across all industries. These lanyards feature an internal shock absorber avoiding use of an external shock pack and include aluminum hook ends making the lanyards extremely lightweight in design to provide better comfort and help reduce fatigue. They also include elasticized webbing to offer reduced relaxed length of lanyard to avoid potential user tripping hazards. Frontline's Elite Series its the perfect feature combination for worker performance including safety, comfort and productivity!

Meets or exceeds: ANSI Z359.13-2013 & OSHA applicable standards 

Features and Specs:

  • 6 ft free fall shock absorption
  • Twin leg lanyard with aluminum rebar hook ends
  • Twin leg lanyard allows user to connect on either end, allowing for 100% tie-off
  • Lightweight and extremely durable
  • Impact indicators provide visual display when subject to a fall event occurrence
  • Internal shock absorbing design limits the fall forces to 900 lbs or less
  • Breaking strength of webbing : 6,000 lbs
  • Snaphooks gate strength: 3,600 lbs
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The real solutions to face a fall hazard of any kind are now in the hands of the people closest to the action. Our mission is to make sure that the exposed worker is equipped and ready to drive their performance to a peak while at their frontlines!

Frontline Fall Protection Inc., is focused on providing fall protection equipment that responds to the requirements of highly demanding tasks while working at heights. All the Frontline product segments are designed and tested to meet or exceed OSHA or ANSI standards, but beyond complying, our products are meant to building the future in a safer and smarter manner.