Honeywell Pressure Demand SAR Full Facepiece

Honeywell Pressure Demand SAR Full Facepiece

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This product provides air from a remote air source for non-IDLH atmospheres.

Features and Specs:

  • TwentyTwenty Plus facepiece—Small, medium, Large black, medium nose cup, silicone headstrap. Other nose cup sizes available. Headnet available. Puma hood available. NIOSH TC-19C-302.
  • The Pressure Demand SAR without Escape Cylinder offers the same reliable facepieces and second stage regulators as the Cougar and 1997-style Panther SCBAs. It allows the user to comfortably wear the respirator in a non-IDLH environment while breathing from a remote air source.

Recommended Industries/Use



  •  NOSH 42 CFR Part 84