Kask WHE00031 Zenith Helmet

Kask WHE00031 Zenith Helmet

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Kask WHE00031 Zenith Helmet

The Zenith safety helmet from KASK brings a Class E rating (protection from electrical hazards) to a helmet that displays a mastery of design engineering from the Italian company. KASK is an expert in the combination of form and function, and the Zenith helmet is no exception.

KASK's Zenith has an external shell constructed of durable ABS plastic that is fitted with lamp clips, visor attachment points, and earmuff fittings. The Eco-Leather chinstrap is anallergic and washable to help avoid skin irritation. The Zenith features KASK's Up & Down 2.0 adjustment system to give the wearer the perfect fit in width, height, and tilt.

Workers that are exposed to electrical hazards will love the Zenith helmet from KASK. Not only is it one of the best Class E safety helmets on the market, but it provides an incomparable level of comfort to help you keep your mind on the job and not your gear. 

Meets and Exceed: STANDARD: ANSI Z89.1-2014 EN 12492 Shock Absorbing Capacity (clauses;;

Features and Specs:

  • INTERNAL SHELL: HD Polystyrene
  • HEADBAND: Soft PA Nylon headband
  • SIZE: Universal-adjustable from 53 to 63 cm / 6 5/8 – 7 7/8”
  • ELECTRIC SHOCKS PROTECTION - ZENITH: Protection against electric hazards.
  • UP & DOWN 2.0 ZENITH: The innovative and exclusive UP & Down 2.0 technology ensures a precise and comfortable fit around the back of the head. The center wheel and the two side wings allow the quick adjustment of the helmet not only in width but also in height and tilt.
  • FAST3DRY: High-tech 3D fabric that dries very quickly, helping the dispersion of moisture to the outside and leaving a pleasant feeling of freshness.
  • RING TO HOOK: Fitted with a special loop on the chin strap which allows the helmet to be connected to the harness.
  • LAMP CLIPS - ZENITH: Helmet equipped with strong nylon external lamp carrying clips, that are compatible with all headlamps with elastic bands on the market.
  • CHINSTRAP IN ECO-LEATHER: Chin pad with ecoleather chinstrap The anallergic and washable chinstrap is extremely comfortable and helps to avoid irritation of the skin.
  • REMOVABLE FRONT PAD: Front-end padding easily removable and washable. Developed to guarantee maximum breathability and optimum moisture absorption. Designed to adhere to the front, optimizing comfort.